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Oxbow - Lover Ungrateful

Image of Oxbow - Lover Ungrateful


Designed to be the last will and testament of failed humanity, ladies and gentleman, I give you Oxbow. Quite possibly the most important band in the world right now, something that Eugene Robinson, Dan Adams, Greg Davis and Niko Wenner have been Fighting for some 20 years. Veterans of the world they have played all over; Oxbow now bring you 'Lover Ungrateful', a 7" record containing two of the best songs from the great history of this influential band. From 2002's An Evil Heat (Neurot) is 'Stallkicker' and from 2007's The Narcotic Story (Hydrahead) is 'Frankly Frank', both new recordings, using acoustic instruments only, these are harrowing versions of two classics, that make you feel right next to the band, a place for the brave, but one of the most rewarding on this planet.